Cube fireplace, on the surface of which black tiles are used Through the wide door, one can admire the fire and enjoy the heat-retaining power of the fireplace. Also, other tile models and colours can be used.

Suomu S4F-K/A

Dimensions (width x depth x height)
111 x 63 x 158 cm
1800 kg
Heating Area
80 m2
Hearth surfaces
antique plaster and tile
Available in heights of
158, 173 cm
Dimensions of the furnace
Fireplace part (width in the front/back x depth)
55 / 32 x 39 cm
Baking oven part (width in the front/back x depth)
- - -
Door size (width x height)
51 x 41 cm
Door type
Pisla 602
The flue pipe connection
The upper edge of the flue pipe connection opening from the foundation
31 - 33 cm
The flue pipe connection min. size (width x height)
15 x 20 cm
CE test values (EN 15250)
Combustion efficiency
89 %
Combustion CO emissions
600 ppm (Finland 3200 ppm)