The baking oven part of the model is turned to the opposite side so that a decorative arch will come in its place. Fireplace baking oven operates in the picture as a room divider. The flue pipe cladding and stairs are an extra cost.

Lempi TLUE180-S

Dimensions (width x depth x height)
96 x 73 x 171 cm
1850 kg
Heating Area
90 m2
Hearth surfaces
Smooth stone
Available in heights of
171 cm
Dimensions of the furnace
Fireplace part (width in the front/back x depth)
58 / 25 x 51 cm
Baking oven part (width in the front/back x depth)
43 / 50 x 51 cm
Door size (width x height)
41 x 41 cm
Door type
Aitolämpö Euroerkkeri
The flue pipe connection
The upper edge of the flue pipe connection opening from the foundation
31 - 33 cm
The flue pipe connection min. size (width x height)
15 x 20 cm
CE test values (EN 15250)
Combustion efficiency
89 %
Combustion CO emissions
600 ppm (Finland 3200 ppm)