On the object, the side surfaces of the fireplace are grey scraped plaster (colour Weber 430 light grey). The fireplace is installed in place of the 1950s-era open fireplace of the summer cottage. The fireplace baking oven is enough to briskly warm the entire 70 m2 cottage.

Kevo TLU2-S/AV

Dimensions (width x depth x height)
102 x 76 x 197 cm
2200 kg
Heating Area
80 m2
Hearth surfaces
smooth stone; scraped coating coloured
Available in heights of
197 cm
Dimensions of the furnace
Fireplace part (width in the front/back x depth)
42 / 42 * 50 cm
Baking oven part (width in the front/back x depth)
43 / 43 * 45 cm
Door size (width x height)
41 x 41 cm
Door type
Pisla 601, LU Pisla 630
The flue pipe connection
The upper edge of the flue pipe connection opening from the foundation
31 - 33 cm
The flue pipe connection min. size (width x height)
18 x 25 cm
CE test values (EN 15250)
Combustion efficiency
88 %
Combustion CO emissions
600 ppm (Finland 3200 ppm)