Flue pipes


Flue pipes safely from the fireplace supplier

CECE flue pipes should be acquired together with the fireplace. All the flue pipes sold by us for fireplaces are CE approved. All the flue pipes presented on this page are compatible with Hopealoimu fireplaces, which means fire safe use. The CE marking of the flue pipe ensures that the product has been tested, and they comply with the current fire safety regulations.

The connection from the bottom or the top?

Retaining fireplaces can be connected to the flue pipe either at the bottom of the oven with the lower connection or the top connection.

  • The lower connection is located either on the back of the fireplace or either side. A red line marks the connection area on the bottom layout.
  • Top connection. If the user wishes for a flue horn to be connected from the top of the oven due to lack of space or for aesthetic reasons, a metal flue pipe is primarily used because of its lightness. If the fireplace is continuously heated and cooled, it causes variation in the fireplace height. If a heavy flue pipe is attached to the top of the fireplace, the movement strains in the long both the fireplace and the flue pipe.

Together with the top connection, the fireplace is equipped with an ignition vent, if necessary. When the ignition vent is opened, the flue gasses flow directly from the top section of the fireplace to the flue pipe. The ignition vent must only be kept open when the oven door is open. When the door is closed, the flue gas temperature becomes very hot and the flue pipe must withstand these stresses. Also, the flue pipe distance and protection from flammable structures must be in accordance with the dimensions provided by the manufacturer. In many municipalities the flue pipe leaving from the top must be classified according to T600 (i.e., the flue pipe must withstand 600 ° C flue gas temperatures without damage).

Flue pipes of convection air fireplaces The flue pipe connections are usually arranged either on top of the oven or the back of the oven near the top edge. The temperature of the flue gasses of the convection air fireplaces can be quite high; usually such a metal flue gas pipe must have T600-resistance.