Blaze creates heat

tunnelma2We, the people of the North know that: there is nothing to warm your mind, your body and your home as sweetly as a fire. Since most of the year is cold and dark, a live fire creates a unique atmosphere for both homes and recreational housing. It’s like a TV series, which never grows old.

But the heat of the fireplace is not only a comfort factor; it also creates a deep sense of security and a sense of belonging. It is also a smart and modern heating solution that saves both nature and your assets.

25 years of personalised fireplace manufacturing

Since our inception, our principles in manufacturing fireplaces have been traditional craftsmanship combined with top technology. In the finished end product, this is reflected in our well made, timelessly elegant, durable products, and their clean and efficient burning. Each of our products is unique, so no two alike can be found.

yrityskuva2[1]Deadwood grey Hopealoimu slate gives our fireplace and oven model a unique, inimitable look. The history of Hopealoimu-rock goes back more than two billion years. The erosion products of the volcanic rocks by layers formed at the base of the ancient small lakes. This is reportedly the sole location of this type of rock in the world, and it is located in Pihtipudas, in the northernmost municipality of the province of Central Finland.
In 1983, the company built its first production hall for its machines. The element structure of the fireplaces facilitated the installation of the fireplace and stabilised the quality. In the 1990s and 2000s, satisfied Hopealoimu customers spread the reputation by word of mouth and the products have since captured their share of the market. We also began exporting to Germany: in 1999 a product exhibition was opened in the Bremen area. Hopealoimu products have attracted interest even further afield. Our products have been exported to Germany as well as Sweden, Estonia, France and Japan. Hopealoimu ovens have been delivered all the way to Namibia and Novosibirsk.

Even nature thanks

According to emission requirements entered into force in 2012, the carbon monoxide emissions of fireplaces sold in Finland shall not exceed 3000 ppm (parts per million per cubic metre of flue gas), and efficiency must be at least 70%. Pihtiputaan Takka products have reached a quarter of the carbon monoxide emissions (600 ppm) and the efficiency of fireplaces is 89%. No limit has been set in Finland for small particle emissions, but the concentration is 40 mg/m3 in Hopealoimu fireplaces. For example, 75 mg/m3 of fine particle emissions are allowed in Germany.
Small emission levels have been achieved by developing the fireplace combustion solutions through regulating the amount of air and spreading the air during combustion. Our new German-tested CE-marked stoves no longer impact the environment significantly because the fire trail is cleaner and no emission gasses emerge, in the same way, as before.

The first fireplace model of Hopealoimu dates to 1987.
The first fireplace model of Hopealoimu dates to 1987.